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Today's consumers spend more time engaging with local content than ever before.
Our Advertising Products and Capabilities
Gain unprecedented access to in-market buyers, sellers, and renters with The Rockville Real Estate Exchange's digital reach
Offering companies the ability to reach home buyers, sellers, and renters at all stages of the transaction, The Rockville Real Estate Exchange provides local businesses with a solution to their marketing needs - our proprietary digital assets provide you with access to the most qualified audience on the internet...without wasting enormous amounts of money.
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Website Reach
The Rockville Real Estate Exchange is not your average real estate brokerage.

We've created the first real estate website where you can read about every neighborhood in a major metropolitan area; see what's for sale and what's for rent; and, when ready to transact, reach out to a true trusted adviser who lives in the area.

Our site continues to be one of the most popular local real estate destinations in the Rockville metro and provides unique digital assets with massive reach.
Everyone needs a place to live. 

When finding a new spot to call home in Rockville and North Bethesda, current and potential residents flock to The Rockville Real Estate Exchange

In addition to daily updates of homes for sale and homes for rent, users provide their email addressees to gain access to high-quality educational content, hot property listings, and more.

The result is a newsletter reach of highly engaged, targeted consumers.
Social Media
We don't just play around on social media; we use it to engage with potential residents and publicize our listings. 

That includes not only our Facebook page, but also our library of YouTube videos, Instagram page, and more.

Our audience is hungry for locally based content and we give it to them on a regular basis - the result is an unbelievable opportunity for local businesses to reach their desired audience with sponsored content, discounts, coupons, and more.
About Us
The Rockville Real Estate Exchange’s mission is to collect, organize, and disseminate information regarded to local real estate.

We’re the first real estate brokerage in the country where you may read about every neighborhood in an entire metropolitan area, see what’s for sale and what’s for rent in each location, and reach out to a true neighborhood expert living in the area.

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